Al dente a bootstrap restaurant website template

A restaurant template that is built to wow and entice the taste buds

For any businesses or companies that works in the food or catering industry, an online website coupled with a restaurant template can really help promote your business.
Allowing customers to check out your menus, signature dishes, discounts and the general “how the heck do I get to your restaurant ” directions.

al dente bootstrap restaurant template

Al dente is a restaurant website template that does exactly what you would expect it to, present to your potential customers your business in all of its glory.
Whether you are a cafe that needs a cafe menu template, or maybe your need a catering menu template.
Hell could it possibly be that you are a rooftop bar that just need a website to present your food in a food template, whatever your business al dente is versatile and can work for you!

When you first reach any restaurant websites landing page, wouldn’t it be great to be able to place an online booking reservation?
This restaurant template can do just that, on the header of the landing page, you are empowered with a powerful call to action that will open a modal.
This modal will allow a visitor to submit a online booking form to request a table reservation specifying details such as the date, time, number of people and much more!

Just encase your customers cant stop them self from salivating over how good all of your teasingly delicious background images of prepared food look.
With al dentes restaurant menu design, you can layout your menu items with so much ease. Whether you want to feature your various food dishes, your deserts or even your disturbingly large collection of alcoholic beverages that are available, with the food menu template section you can do just that!

While delicious food is the pinnacle of your business, for your website; information may also play a vital part in your social plan.
The restaurant theme also has a news and event section that will allow you to present various events, maybe you have planned a grand desert tasting to try out a new desert, or could it be that your are planning a wine tasting to trim down on that exceedingly large collection of alcoholic beverages.

The restaurant theme also includes a testimonial section so you can showcase all the good that people are saying about your restaurants food!
This is integrated into a carousel so there is no end to the amount of testimonies you could potentially have.

Last but my no means least the bootstrap template has a contact from to allow you visitors to send a general inquiry to a select email address, additionally all of these forms are using JS to validate the inputs.
Below the contact form is some opening times information and general contact information such ass your address, and various social media links.

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