A review of the best golf website template in 2019

So we’ve taken a little walk over to theme forest to peruse and have come across at pretty little html template based around golf.

Lets delve in, take a look at what the template has to offer and see if we can decided if this is worth of the title of the best golf website template.

Setting the stage

So firstly lets get this out of the way, close your eyes, your a CEO of a golf club and course, your business is booming, you’ve got the best golf clubs for beginners, the best customer service and the course is immaculate but the one thing you lack is online presence.

OK! we’re good to begin!

Tee Up – Golf HTML5 Template

Best golf website template

The template is named ‘Tee Up’ which is appropriate for thee niche, its advertised as an elegant and clean HTML5 template which has been optimised for golf.

It features easy customisation to fit you specific needs and is a breeze to install. Intended to be a premium experience and ready to give you business a new face by combining elegance and modern design.

The template at is base is a HTML5 and CSS template but they also have a WordPress version which is ideal if you want to take your website to the next level and serve dynamic content instead of static.

Template Features

The website comes designed with a fully equipped member area, idea for having the members of your golf club register to use the services of your club online such as buyign new gofl gear or learning how to regrip golf clubs themselves to save money.

The design is clean, elegant and created with modern design practices to meet the most up to date trends, built on bootstrap three and updated regularly so you can be sure you’ll have the latest security.

  • Boxed Design Layout
  • Footer Widgets
  • PHP Functional Contact Form
  • Premium Slider
  • Banner Spaces For Sponsers
  • CSS3 Animations
  • Full Documentation
  • Full Support

Pages Included With The Template

  • Home Page (slider)
  • About Page (staff)
  • Gallery Page
  • Rates Page
  • Events Page
  • Single Event
  • Testimonials Page
  • Blog Page
  • Single Post (with comments)
  • Contact Page (map + form)
  • Sitemap Page
  • F.A.Q Page
  • 404 error Page
  • New page template
  • Member’s Area (community):
  • Sign Up Form
  • Forum Page (Dashboard)
  • Single Topic Page
  • Members page
  • Chat page between 2 members]

There we have it, the golf template Tees Up developed and designed by Alkaweb, certainly a lovely design and very charming.


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