free html5 templates monthly roundup 1

Free HTML5 Templates – Monthly Roundup 1

This month we take a look at 10 free html5 templates that have been curated from some great developers around the web. They have created templates that we personally really liked and thought would be useful if you’re on a tight budget but still want a quality template, all templates have been developed on the bootstrap framework so you can be assured responsive design.

All of the templates you find in this list come prepared to used ‘out of the box’ so to speak, some may even come with additional features such as extra pages and even variations to style sheet colours. These themes save you having to spend time setting up the colour you want especially if the free html5 template already has it included with its package.

We also periodically develop free html5 templates from time to time, so be sure to either subscribe to receive them whenever they are released, or simply pop on over to our templates section to browse the collection.

  • Grayscale

    Grayscale is a one page template which nice and simple while being multi-purpose.

  • Minimal Dark

    Minimal Dark as the name would suggest is a dark styled landing page template.

    Minimal Dark
  • Flatty

    Flatty is a very simple flat design templates for app showcasing.

  • Sertin

    Sertin is a one page parallax template designed to be multi-purpose.

  • Mamba

    Mamba is a simple flat template intended for profiles of creatives.

  • Flat Theme

    Flat Theme is a free flat design focused template for companies and businesses.

    Flat Theme
  • Pratt

    Pratt is a simple landing page template for startup’s.

  • Vira

    Vira is a one page template designed for a startup agency.

  • Spirit8

    Spirit8 is a sleek landing page template designed for digital and agencies.

  • Margo

    Margo is a bootstrap template that is intended to be used for multiple purposes.


Could you use free html5 templates?

If so take a look at our collection of templates, we have a free responsive mobile app website template that will surely meet your needs, best of all its free and at the same time packed full of features and variations.

responsive mobile app website template


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