Launch Free – Responsive HTML5 Crowdfunding Template

Launch Free – Responsive HTML5 Crowdfunding Template
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This is a responsive html5 bootstrap free crowdfunding template, which is focused on promoting a websites funding campaign.

With Launch You’ll be able to take full control of your crowdfunding campaign and control the process from start to finish, this is without having to rely on third party services which require fees which are usually deducted from your total campaign.


We have Developed Launch in such a way that it is a modern designed flat styled crowdfunding template that is built on bootstrap, the template is built specifically to promote a websites crowdfunding campaign.


The website template is very simple, well commented to keep any confusion to a minimum, ready to be integrated with any crowdfunding applications to complement the front end.


Launch is build on bootstrap which means it is responsive on all mobile and tablet devices, the result being your campaign can be seen from any device maximizing the chance of potential funding.


While this is a free html5 crowdfunding template, we make sure that the code in our free responsive bootstrap templates are 100% validated, and well commented to prevent any confusion when it comes to personalizing and customization, you could very easily integrate various payment gateways, security and other funding systems to accompany the already setup front end of the template to really get the ball rolling.


Empower you product or service today with our free crowdfunding template and secure the vital funding you need to get your project off of the ground and onto the road of success, with the added value of doing it all yourself and peace of mind!



This template is made by Justin at Audain Designs.


All non commercial themes and templates found on Audain Designs are 100% free and covered under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License (CC BY 3.0)

Other Options

If you’d like to use this bootstrap template without the attribution link, you can choose to purchase the commercial license:



  • Initial Release: 1.0


All Images are for demo purposes only and not included in the template, sources are included & all other sources and credits are included in the documentation.

  • UI Faces
  • Google Web Fonts
  • FontAwesome Icon
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap


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